Weddings are always beautiful and they make you emotional no matter what. They have a way of making you think about your own wedding, whether you are married or you have not crossed that bridge yet. Every couple wants their wedding day to be special and cool and unique. They want to do the most fun things, they want their wedding venue to be the most beautiful one, and they want their wedding day to be remembered by people forever.

From the dress to the cake and to the guest list, everything that is in your wedding can be made unique and different if you want it to be that way.

Here are just some ideas that will help you for your own wedding.

Honeymoon fund:

Every person that you invite to your wedding will have to come with some type of gift. Most weddings have the gift list planned ahead. A lot of people register homely items as a gift to give to the newly wedded couple. What you can do is use that to your advantage. Just make a fun little card at each guest table that say to give you the honeymoon fund, that is plain cash, instead of some gifts, like crockery and cushions Etc. that you will eventually end up getting yourself. This way, you can use that gift money top plan for your honeymoon. It is just a smart way top go about and it can also be fun.

A wedding wheel for your guests:

Have you even been on some wedding and felt bored out of your mind? You are there just to eat the cake and have the delicious food and that is all. Well, you do not want your guests to feel like that on your own wedding. So, you need something entertaining for your guests. This is where the wedding wheel full of fun little tasks and gift can come in handy. Make a spin wheel and write down some really funny things and small tasks, like stealing the grooms shoes Etc. Ask your guests to take part in that game and see them having the best time on your wedding.

Go-to boxes for the cake:

The wedding cake is something that is super delicious. And there is a lot of the cake too. Most people get three or five layered cake for their wedding. And on the top is the cake topper which is the most fun part. Most people have wedding bobbleheads as their cake topper which is not only just cute it is very sweet and funny as well. You can send the cake along with the guests to take home, in the little go-to boxes. This way, even after leaving the venue and going home, they can enjoy your wedding cake. Also, this is a great way to make sure that the food and cake do not go to waste.


You can also get customized coasters that have funny quotes on them to place on your drinks.