A family that engages in hobbies together, gets to spend quality time and shares things in common. Therefore, rather than force together time, do things that everyone enjoys. That way, it won’t seem so awkward to spend time with the family. Here is a list of things to do with all the members.

Recreational Drones

You’ve seen or at least heard about drones. While discussion is in the works to get them to take flight in doing commercial deeds, plenty of people use them for recreational purposes. Best of all, small kids can learn how to fly too. Survey a selection of models available online. Maybe ask a few questions in forums as to what models are family friendly.

Charity Work

Do a quick search and find what charities are popular in Canada. You can deliver canned goods and blankets to the homeless or clean up the local park of debris and rubbish. Ask family members about their interest and availability. Remember that it’s family time, so you don’t want to guilt a person into doing something they don’t want to do.

Road Trips

There is plenty of history to be learned. Get in the Dodge Journey and take the family on tours of the Canadian landscape. Visit different areas and learn about history and local culture. If you’re a family of hikers, consult online resources to find popular hiking trails in Canada. Otherwise, invest in a quality GPS or ensure that it comes fitted with your vehicle.

Photo Taking

Just about any smartphone doubles as a camera these days. If investing in moderate to expensive cameras for family members is not practical, use your phones to take pictures of landscapes, birds, sunsets, etc. Make a contest out of it, presenting an award to the family member with the best photo. Hey, why not take photos while hiking?

Family Yoga

Yoga is great for the body and mind and easy enough on the body for people of all ages. Sure, you need to account for the experience and athleticism of particular family members, but you all can find classes to attend or download class material from the Internet. Also, stretching is known to relieve stress. Why not schedule a yoga session for when family members get home? That way, everyone will feel relaxed the rest of the evening.

Local Sports

Get behind a local sports team. Don’t discount high school and college sports, for you can save a lot of money by paying more attention to small-scale leagues than major league teams. You can attend games, have the kids crunch numbers and stats, and get closer as a family by rooting for the same players.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t like watching movies? But, make it a group effort. One person is in charge of selecting the flick, another needs to get snacks, one has to cook the food, while others get blankets, prepare the room, etc. Have a discussion afterward, mimicking that of movie critics.