Planning and preparing for parties can be a stressful affair – this is even more the case when it comes to kids’ parties as they demand a lot more creativity in terms of decor, themes, and activities. Thankfully, for families in Sydney, there is Fairy Freckles and Friends, expert kids party entertainers.
Fairy Freckles and Friends are dedicated kids’ party entertainers with a range of fun characters and activities. With their fun filled characters and activities such as magic shows, games, rainbow songs and dance etc, it ‘s hardly a surprise that they have gained a wholesome reputation as one of the best kids parties entertainers Sydney.
No matter what the occasion, whether it is your child’s birthday, christening, baptism, weddings, fetes, or any other special event, you can bank on Fairly Freckles and Friends to deliver a truly magical experience for your children. The best part? You can be completely stress free in the knowledge that your kids’ party will be taken care of by professionals.

Fairly Freckles and Friend has been founded by Carly Ford who has professional training in drama and song and dance along with a rich and varied professional experience in the field. Fairy Freckles and Friends has an extensive line up of fun characters who love nothing more than being among kids and bringing magic to their special day. The chief entertainer, of course, is fun loving Fairy Freckles herself. With her face dotted with rainbow freckles, the fun loving fairy also possess a lot of cool magic tricks to charm her little friends.
Fairy Freckles also has a number of accomplices who love nothing more than adding color and and a touch of magic to your child’s special day. For example, Giggles the Clown is best known for making everyone revel in her adorable silliness. Other noted characters who are known around the town to bring much merriment to kids’ parties include the Flower Fairy, the Rainbow Mermaid, Unicorn Twilight Sparkle, and the Pirate Pearl.

Flower fairy, just like the Fairy Freckles, stays somewhere over the rainbow, and has the duties of painting all of the flowers of the world. For kids’ parties, her chief task involves painting beautiful flowers on the faces, playing charming games, and making flower balloons. On the other hand, her friend the Rainbow Mermaid comes from world under the ocean. This magical mermaid is best known for her keen mastery of fun party games as well as a host of magic tricks that she has picked up from her dolphin friends.
The Unicorn Twilight Sparkle is part of this gang by virtue of being the princess of the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom. Her special power includes making friends with little party people and charming them with her special unicorn magic. She is known to pain the face of her friends as rainbow unicorns while making her trademark butterfly balloons.
Last, but certainly not the least, is the Pirate Pearl, who loves a good party! With her abode aboard a ship somewhere over the rainbow, she is best known for her mischievous streak and starting balloon sword fights. She loves showing kids’ the ways of a pirate.

Fairy Freckles and Friends ensure that these characters and more come together to create a truly memorable and special event that includes magic shows, games such as pass the parcel, magical freeze, rainbow dance, treasure hunt, as well as fun activities such as bubble blowing, face painting and ballooning.
For families worried that such accomplished performers for their kids’ party would come at a budget busting price, there is good news. The highly recommended Fairy Freckles and Friends can be booked for a range of packages at very affordable rates. You will have the choice of inviting Fairy Freckles or her friends for a special gig. In addition, you can choose the number of activities as well as the duration of the performance. In other words, you can customize the party depending on your budget.
While this kids’ entertainment group started out in Melbourne, they have now expanded and perform in Sydney as well. Indeed, there is no better way to indulge your kids on their special day than having over Fairy Freckles and Friends as Kids party entertainers Sydney.