Choosing the Bridal Bouquet for Your Wedding

You probably have a favorite flower that you like. It could be either roses, tulips, orchids or some other type of flower. On your wedding day, flowers will definitely set the décor. You will want everything to be perfect, whether it is at the reception, the ceremony, or even your choice of bouquet. Choosing the type of flowers for your wedding is just as important as choosing your wedding dress.

The bridal bouquet

A variety of choices is at your disposal when it comes to choosing a bridal bouquet. Very good tips can be obtained by searching online florists websites, or you can hire one that is recommended to you. Among the most popular types of bouquet to consider are; the posy, the cascade, the creative, or the sheath bouquet.

The posy offers a classy elegant look. They are a very popular choice among brides. Cosy bouquets have a contemporary look, and are very easy to hold. They can also be styled in many different ways. An experienced florist can provide you with some great insight depending on your choice of wedding dress.

The cascade is a more classic style. They also are quite popular among brides. The choice of flowers is the only thing that might concern you. What cascade have in common is an elegant flowing form and a trail in front of the design. Flowers such as lilies, orchids, or roses are the best ones to consider for making a cascade bouquet.

The sheath bouquet is a long slender bouquet designed to be carried over ones arm. They are magnificent when made of long-stemmed flowers such as arum lilies for example.

Creative mother of the bride dresses are the most important for moms who are tending to make a statement. These bouquets have no specific design pattern. They can be artistic, flamboyant as well as unique. You can let your imagination run wild or put the imagination of your florist to the test.

Bridesmaids bouquet

Often bridesmaids bouquet can be made to be similar with the bouquet the bride is carrying but a lot smaller. Hand-tied or posy style bouquets are often popular styles for bridesmaids. You might also prefer a color that matches the color of the bridesmaids dresses, and also compliments the overall color theme of the wedding. Popular flowers include roses and lilies.

Other fantastic additions to a wedding parties are flower girls. They are often of young age between two and eight years of age. Their main task is to line the aisle and entrance with petals prior to the arrival of the bride. They can also carry very nice posy flowers as an alternative to petals.