Co-Parenting and Teaching Healthy Habits When Separated

Parenting with an ex can be quite difficult as without children people rarely have to see their ex if at all let alone communicate regularly with them. One of the most important things when raising children is that of creating a consistent routine that the kids can rely on daily. This goes the same for teaching healthy habits as both parents have to agree upon and enforce these healthy habits. Otherwise the children might not understand that something is healthy if only one of their parents values it. The following are tips to help parents teach healthy habits when they are separated.

Sit Down To Go Over Diet

Feeding the kids a consistent diet is important so parents that split custody should discuss how they will be feeding them. Going from a healthy diet to fast food weekly is not what your children need from a nutritional aspect. This does not mean that you need to divulge everything being eaten but ground rules should be set. A soda free home is a great place to start as all soda does is amp children up and the sugars are bad for their teeth. Other things like limiting how many times fast food can be eaten can be difficult to enforce but both parents should want the healthiest kids possible.

Keep The Same Healthcare Professionals

When going through a divorce or separation keep the same healthcare professionals as your children are comfortable with them. A new dentist can be scary while sticking with a quality practice like Macleod Trail Dental Clinic especially if wisdom teeth are to be removed. Of course if one parent with majority custody moves hours away then this is not an option. You just want your children to go through the least stress possible wherever you can especially if the divorce has been hard on them.

Healthy Interpersonal Relationship With Ex

The mental health of your children is already at risk with divorced parents so you need to maintain a healthy relationship with your ex. One parent not being able to come to an event because of the other parent’s presence is childish as well as harmful to the child. Make sure that you are communicating with each other in a civil manner and never talk poorly about the other parent as a person ever. Your ex could be the worst person to be married to in the world but all you should be concerned about is that they are a great parent as the romantic relationship is a thing of the past.

Coordinating Transport To Sports Practices

Coordinating transportation of the children is much easier when both parties respect each  other and their time. Coordinating rides to practices or games needs to be done as both parents should have a presence in these activities. Showing support together is important as you kids just want to make both of you proud. You do not want the performance of your child to suffer simply because one parent did not tell the other about a big game.

Raising a child when separated is going to be difficult but act as civil as possible for the sake of the children. What are tips that you co-parenting moms and dads recommend to stay on the same page as far as health goes?