Why You Should Consider a Bassinet for Your Newborn

Many new parents assume that their baby should sleep in a crib in her own room immediately after birth. While that may work for some parents, another popular option to consider is room-sharing with baby sleeping in a bassinet. If you decide that this is a good fit for your family, consider visiting a baby boutique New York NY to get personalized advice on the best bassinet for your situation and browse different styles. Here are some reasons to consider using a bassinet for your new bundle of joy.

Better Sleep

Nights with a newborn are exhausting enough without having to get out of bed and walk to baby’s room multiple times each night. With your baby sleeping in a bassinet in your room or even attached to your bed, the time and energy required to tend to your little one’s nighttime needs are minimized. That means more sleep for everyone.


Many bassinets are mounted on stands with wheels. They can be pushed into the bedroom at night, wheeled into the nursery for daytime naps, even taken into the bathroom if you want to park baby nearby while you shower. This is a particularly convenient feature and reduces the amount of baby gear you need to acquire and store.


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that mom and baby sleep in the same room for the first year of baby’s life to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. A bassinet takes up much less space than a crib, making it easier to place in your bedroom until you are ready to transition baby to her own room.

The amount of baby furniture and supplies needed for the first year can be overwhelming. Consider using a bassinet as baby’s first bed to keep baby close by and save the hassle of choosing and buying a crib for further down the line.