What to Consider When Choosing a College

By your junior year in high school, you’ve probably started thinking about where you want to go to college. This is a place where you’ll spend four years living, learning and making friends and memories, so you want to make the right decision for you. Here are a few things to consider when deciding where to apply.


Location plays a huge factor in the decision of where to go to school for many students. For instance, if you’ve attended private high school in Florida, you may want to stay in the area, or you may prefer to go somewhere that has snow for a change. Proximity to family can be an important part , so you need to think about whether you want to be able to drive home some weekends, or if you’re ok being so far away that you’ll only make it home for holidays and school breaks.


Many public universities have tens of thousands of students. Classes are often held in huge lecture halls and contain too many kids to count. This can be appealing to some people, but others may prefer something more intimate. If large crowds aren’t your style, consider a small liberal arts college instead.


Some schools are well known for having a particular program. For instance, if you’re set on majoring in marine biology, you’ll need to find a school that has a marine biology program. It’s vital that you look into the majors offered by the university before you make the decision to apply there.

Remember that this is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, so take your time. Do your research on each university before deciding whether you want to apply there. Most importantly, know that even if you do get in somewhere, you’re not locked into going there, so try not to stress too much.