Things you need to Know Before Hiring Moving Companies

Let us face it; people do not like moving from one place to another, no matter how near or far the move is. While a new home, a change of scenery and everything that comes with it can be very exciting, a significant move, especially if it is an interstate one, is very time-consuming, frustrating and very expensive. But there are a few (and sometimes overlooked) ways to cut the cost of relocation and mitigate some of the other painful points that are associated with the moving process.

Avoid the crowd

A lot of people do not know that the first and last two days of every month are the busiest days to do a relocation. That is why as much as possible, you need to avoid these days and always plan the move during the middle of the month. Asking the movers to squeeze you into their schedule in the first or last days of the month is just asking for a disaster to happen.

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That is when the mover’s schedule is its fullest and squeezing a client it might actually mean that you will get their least trained personnel, exhausted staff that has already completed three or four scheduled moves before yours and showing up two to three hours late. Not only that, you need to know that summer is the busiest time of the year for moving (both locally and interstate).

That is why if you are making a local move, consider scheduling during spring or fall if you can. It is regarded as the “shoulder season” for the people in the moving business. If you are moving during the summer, make sure to avoid scheduling it during significant holidays like Labor Day or 4th of July, since most people get the day off during these days and everyone is trying to squeeze in a move during these days.

Schedule a date that is best for the moving company

It seems counterintuitive, after all, you are the one who finance your moving expenses and pays for the mover’s services, right? This is so much like paying the services of a mechanic. When you are setting an appointment with the mechanic, you always make sure that they are at their least busy schedule, so you are not left waiting, and you feel that you are getting their undivided attention.

It is the same when you are hiring the help of a moving company. You do not want to wait for a long time, and you want the mover’s best crew giving you their full attention. So, when you set up a date and start time, it is better to do a Friday, 8 in the morning move than a Thursday, 4 in the afternoon one.

If there is a free slot for an 8 A.M move, you need to jump on that one because you can make sure that the movers who will help you, are not exhausted (since it is their first move of the day) and you can get their full and most timely service.

Request the company their first available start time

It is very accurate, especially during the summer when most moving companies are slotted for two to three (even up to six to seven if the move is within their area) moving jobs in one day. If your loading request is scheduled on their fifth slot, even if they assign you their best crew, there is a big (we mean BIG) chance that they will be exhausted with their prior commitment before they start loading your boxes.

They will work a lot slower compared to when they work on their first move of the day, and there is a big chance that they will drop at least one of your boxes. You need to work with the company to find the earliest available slot of the start time of the day.

Make sure that you are aware of all common moving scams

One of the most common and the most straightforward moving frauds to pull off during the moving process is what the industry called “The Hostage.” A fraudulent moving company, or sometimes just a group of people posing as a legit company offers their services at a meager price, way below their competitors.

They will show up on the site early to earn your trust, load all the boxes in their truck in record time (they are the only ones who has the key to the truck) and deliver the items on your desired location. When it is time to unload the items, will then demand a ridiculous amount of money, usually thousands of dollars.

If the unsuspecting victim does not pay, they will drive off with the victim’s possession. If they pay, they will end up paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars compared to other legitimate moving companies. Avoiding these forms of scams is pretty simple. Avoid using the mover’s truck.

You can consider renting a truck from a legitimate company or reserve a portable storage container. You can hire manual labor without a truck to help you load and unload your boxes. By using a third-party transport company or driving the truck on your own, you will have full control over your items during the move.

Request full-value insurance from the moving company

Insurance in this industry is quite tricky. The most common and basic form is a Standard Repair Coverage. This type of insurance can offer clients $0.60/pound, per items for repair and replacement. For example, if the movers drop your 30 pounds, flat-screen television worth $500, with Standard Repair Coverage, you will only get $18 to cover a $500 flat-screen television.

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Reputable moving companies will offer Full-Value Replacement Coverage that covers the full value of the items that were listed in the inventory. The insurance coverage is considered as a paid upgrade, but it is very cheap. While moving from one place to another is not easy, if you follow these simple tips, the process will run like clockwork. You need to get your money’s worth of the cost of your move a lot easier.