Divorce can bring up many feelings including anger, sadness and even a feeling of guilt. Guilt is a normal feeling after getting divorced but is also one of the most unproductive feelings. This impacts any children involved, which can make things much worse.

When a couple goes through a divorce, they feel regret and guilt towards many of the following circumstances below:

  • The impact on children and the anxiety it may cause them
  • Tearing the family apart
  • Hurting your spouse
  • The idea of the “perfect family” destroyed
  • Being left with little money for vacations and other activities
  • Breaking away from family and friends during the divorce process
  • Having the children change residences and how to support children after the divorce

As it is normal to feel guilty, moving past guilt is a normal part of the divorce process. Focusing on past mistakes will prevent both parties from moving on.

A shift in perspective is what many individuals need to help see the positive aspects.

Instead of focusing on what you and your children have lost, try switching your perspective to positive thinking about things gained:

  • A weight off your shoulders and happiness
  • A chance to improve your relationship with your children
  • Having peace in your home and life
  • Having a new beginning to be independent
  • A chance to redefine yourself
  • The opportunity to have a healthy relationship

A divorce mediator will help you out so you do not have to go through this rough time yourself. Of course people feel guilt after getting divorced but a divorce mediator will help you to get through these feelings of guilt in the divorce process. Some people have feelings of guilt for a longtime along with anxiety or depression. If it is more difficult for you to get over this feeling of guilt, we urge you to talk to a therapist about your feelings.

Together, we will get through the divorce mediation process. Divorce Mediation Professionals will help you to once again feel independent and at peace. Your marriage ended for a reason, and with the right people to help you, you can get through this process and your family can once again be happy.