How to Hold a Party under a Tight Budget

A party can consume all annual savings if you don’t plan it properly. With the recent economic crisis, it is crucial to be wise about your money consumption. However, limiting the funds does not necessarily mean less fun. You can plan a party with limited funds and still have an epic time.

How to plan a party with minimal finances

Customize the venue

Instead of renting expensive hotels look for something cheaper. You can decide to hold the party at your home, at a park or at a friend’s house to cut the cost of renting a venue. As long the site selected is accommodative, and the environment is conducive then the party will still rock.

Minimize on decorations

Decorate the venue with simple things such as ribbons or balloons. You don’t need to hire a professional decorator you can do it yourself or with the help of your friends to ensure you minimize costs used to arrange the party.

Prepare low budget food and drinks

Food and drinks consume almost 75% of the total cost of the party. If you can minimize the value of food and drinks, then you can conveniently hold a party under a low budget. The best way to achieve this is to prepare home-made meals and avoid buying alcohol for the party.

Select your invitees carefully

If you invite a tremendous number of people, then you will incur more cost for the party. However, if you invite only those who are close to you, then you will cut costs on the party. Avoid asking distant friends and strangers in your party.

Source for affordable entertainers

Some entertainers ask for a huge amount of money to hold a party. However, it is possible to find characters for hire that are affordable. You want your party to cost less so you need to make necessary measures to ensure that this is achieved.

Alternatively, you can consider hosting your party or selecting one of your friends to do it. Your primary goal is to keep your guests entertained and if you have a friend who can do that there is no need of hiring an external entertainer.

Minimize your activities

Engage in simple exercises and probably free activities. Do something simple with your friends like watching a movie together, playing games on your screen, among others. Don’t eliminate activities but economize on the events.

Bake your cake

You can consider baking your cake rather than buying one.  Baking your cake gives you the freedom to customize your cake and additionally cut costs involved in purchasing a cake from bakeries.


The above tips will help you have a great party at a low budget. Although you are striving to cut costs in the party costs ensure there is enough food, the venue is conducive, and your guests are entertained. The next step to ensure you don’t overspend is allocating a certain percentage of your money for the party and providing it caters for all the party’s activities. Plan wisely and don’t let a simple party consume all your savings.