How is the second pregnancy different from the first?

It is rightly said that ‘No two pregnancies are similar’. The experience of being pregnant with a second child differs from the first pregnancy. Even though you go through the same procedures and tests, there are certain things and aspects which you can ask your doctor that will make the second pregnancy different from the first. If you are around Bangalore, consult the best gynecologist in Bangalore to have a tension-free pregnancy. Let us understand and learn about those things that make it an altogether different experience.

  1. Feeling of being pregnant is quite sooner:

Second pregnancy can show up quite early as compared to the first time.  The second timers are more likely to experience early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The frequency of symptoms also varies.

  1. Less feeling of certain symptoms:

Second timers will experience that certain symptoms that are more likely in the first pregnancy are no more occurring the second time. Breast enlargement and food aversions might not be seen, or there might be a dip in anxiety and stress levels too.

  1. More tiredness:

A mother is more tired in comparison to what she was in her first pregnancy. The probable reason behind this is handling and managing the first child. Since, your first child will need that much attention, love and care; the expecting mother will likely to be more tired.

  1. Early appearance of baby bump:

Since the uterine muscles and abdominal area stretches during your first pregnancy, the muscles are inevitable loose during the second time. Hence, the bump will show much earlier than it was during the first time.

  1. You might feel lower:

The uterine muscles aren’t firm and hence the baby bump might look lower in comparison to earlier pregnancy. This might lead to more back pain and fatigue.

  1. Early fetal movements:

Second timers feel fetal movements earlier than they had experienced in first-time pregnancy. Many second timers can easily experience baby kicks and movements by the 4th month.

  1. Experience of Braxton Hicks changes:

The event of false labors, i.e., Braxton Hicks, will increase in comparison to what it was in the first time of pregnancy.

  1. Less labor time:

Second timers can experience lesser pain and labor time in comparison to what they experienced during the first time of pregnancy.

  1. Severe after pains:

Postpartum contractions will be much more than the first time since the uterus shrinks back to its normal size.

  1. Ease in breastfeeding:

Since the second timers are already experienced, breastfeeding will be way more comfortable and simple during this time.

Each experience is different. The beauty and joy of second-time pregnancy will be more as the parents are experienced and know what to expect. The elder child also adds to the joy of parenting.  So, cherish this phase and enjoy being a second-time mommy.