Forget the Flowers for a Better Bouque

Sure, a bouquet of blossoms is often the go-to gift for a celebration or a special event. Yet it doesn’t take long for those posies to turn into a puddle of petals at the bottom of a vase — and for some recipients, they’re more allergy-provoking than wish-fulfilling. Fortunately, there are other things you can give a big bunch of that will make a sweet, rich, memorable token of your esteem.

Show What You Know

Tuning in to the recipient’s interests can make the difference between a gift that’s treasured and one that’s trashed. Here are a few fun ideas that will help you get started:

  • A sweetie with a sweet tooth may be more excited about a Reese candy bouquet than one made of roses. Your special one may go nuts over this delectable mix of peanut butter and chocolate.
  • A dozen gift cards from favorite stores is the kind of colorful collection pretty much anyone would love to get, and they never need watering.
  • Fans of cool socks or shoelaces would welcome an assortment of those.
  • Tickets to a football or basketball game could be just what your friend has been wanting.

Say It With Feeling

For a more sentimental selection, gather an arrangement of favorite photos in an album, an online gallery, or a collection of tiny frames. Fill a stack of multicolor index cards with meaningful quotations worth sharing. Make a mixtape of songs appropriate to the occasion or the recipient. A bouquet from your heart and soul means more than plastic-wrapped carnations from the supermarket or even a dozen hand-picked roses delivered from the local florist.

Get Practical

Sometimes a gift that’s a little more down to earth will be appreciated, but that doesn’t mean digging in the dirt. Tie a ribbon around a brilliant cluster of pens and pencils and markers. Toss together a variety of vivid shirts or scarves. Scented candles hold their aroma far longer than flowers, as do bath oils, pretty soaps, or luxurious lotions. Spring for a spray of lottery tickets for a gift that may well keep on giving. Offer to babysit the kids while your friends take in a movie or go to dinner.

Whether flowers are something to sneeze at or just the same old, same old, let your creativity and cleverness bloom into unexpected areas for gifts that will be remembered far longer. The sky’s the limit when it comes to fun gifts.