Different type of pollution and air purifier benefits

Any change in the environment of the earth which is undesirable and harmful for human beings called pollution. We always read and learn never mess up with Mother Nature but we will never understand that. When God manufactures this planet or creates it he creates it in the best form which is suitable for all species which live on this earth.

But then what we will do we start messing up with it and start changing its environment and look at what we do. We polluted its environment which is not good for us and not for other species as well.

So have we ever think about what is the main reason behind it. We are not the creator only God is the one who can create things without any side effects. From the time of industrialization when we start manufacturing things, we start messing up with nature on different points and in different shapes. We never think about the negative aspects of the products which we are manufacturing in these companies.

At the time of industrialization, people are working day and night in factories manufacturing products to ease down their lives. But they never know what they are doing with their future. The main reason behind that was those immediate positive effects which people are getting from these inventions and they did not think about the future.

So what they do is they build factories that released toxic gasses which are harmful to humans but along with that they build them by removing trees that save humans from these toxic gasses. So we cut down our chances of survival and build those things on this planet which reduce our chances of living on this earth.

 Two main types of pollution:

There are two types of pollutions which are effecting human beings most of all which are

Air pollution

Water pollution

The main reason for water pollution is basically the toxic waste material that these factories through in the river. These waste materials contain different kinds of toxic material which makes this water polluted. so whoever during this water gets effected by these toxic materials. Water is the only thing that directly contacts all parts of your body.

Air pollution is generated by the toxic smoke which is realized by manufacturing companies. That smoke creates a number of diseases related to breathing. People face difficulty breathing and people start getting asthma patients as well. There are a number of people who are living in cities and have this breathing problem due to air pollution.

Air pollution also generated through AC and Deep freezers. The gas which they release in the environment became the main cause of ozone layer damage. This layer protects us from ultraviolet rays of the sun. Now because it gets damaged so people are experiencing skin cancer problems because of these rays.

There is a company ecoquest which provide air purifier online all around the world and they will provide the best-purified air in a controlled environment. Let’s talk about some benefits related to the air purifier.


There are some benefits of air purifier which help you to get yourself save from different diseases.

It will help you to sterilize various order and cigarette smoke from the air which will help you to save yourself from asthma. Along with that people who are allergic to these orders and smoke experience pollution-free air around them and feel more comfortable.

You can use it anywhere in your office and home because it is available in every size and shape with different range area.