If you are considering buying a scooter for your child, then you should also focus on the safety aspect it. Doing so will not only avoid unnecessary problems for the child, but will also make them highly efficient riders. Below, we look at five things you should look into to ensure that your kids have a safe time riding their scooters.

Check Size Before Purchase

The first thing you must take note of is the size of the scooter. Different kids will require different scooters depending on their height and weight. And if you put a child in a scooter that is not built to handle his/her weight, then you are essentially putting them at risk. So, when at the store looking at the scooters, be sure to check the manufacturer’s size weight suggestions.  And if no such suggestions are available, ask the store owner whether the particular scooter you are interested in will hold the weight of your child very well.

Use Helmets

The number one safety tip to teach your child will be to wear a helmet while riding the scooter. Drill the idea into their minds right from their first ride so that it becomes a habit. Check the various helmets available in the market and choose a strong, sturdy one. And if your kid is somewhat resistant to the idea of wearing helmets, try giving them a helmet with fun, vibrant colors, or those featuring their favorite cartoon characters.


After helmets, the next important safety protocol to follow will be to wear padding while on a ride. The padding must be worn on the hands, the elbows and knees because these are generally some of the first regions to hit the ground in case of a fall. Make sure that you only get pads that the kids can easily slip onto their hands and knees. Otherwise, they might not wear them while driving the scooter.  Try matching the color of the pads with the color of the scooter, and the kids might like the style.

Group Travel

Teach your kids to ride in groups with their friends. Although this is not possible under all circumstances, your children will be better off riding with their friends whenever they can. Not only can this keep their riding speed in check, but also ensures that other incoming vehicles clearly see the group and take appropriate measures to avoid them.

Train Properly

Above all, train your kids thoroughly before handing them the scooter. Teach them how to apply brakes correctly, how to make tight turns, what speeds are appropriate, how to drive when in a crowded location, what to do to avoid obstacles and so on. Good training will alone ensure that your child drives the scooter as safely as possible.
And if you have any difficulty is choosing a high quality, safe scooter for your child, check out 14 of the best scooters for toddlers in 2017. The scooters listed have been thoroughly checked for their build quality and safety. As such, you can ensure that your child will only be riding the safest scooter available.