3 Ways Private Schools in Redmond, WA, Foster Early Childhood Development

There are many private schools in Redmond WA that can provide the setting, curriculum and care that help foster a child’s early years. It’s often said that early childhood development can have a big impact on a child’s future. In fact, early childhood is when kids learn about social interaction and even discover lifelong interests. Here are three ways to foster positive early child development in the classroom.

A Supportive Learning Environment

Being in a good environment can encourage transformative learning, which happens through cause and effect and communication. Learning this way requires that students feel they’re included and valued, which results in them feeling empowered. They may then feel secure enough to open their minds to significant learning experiences.

Exposure to Technology and the Arts

According to a recent study, exposure to the arts at an early age encourages positive social and emotional development. Likewise, early use of technology can promote the development of problem-solving skills. While it’s smart to expose children to math and language early on, including technology and the arts in the classroom can help students develop the skills needed to excel in standard subjects. Private schools in Redmond WA that offer programs in technology and the arts can help grow skills that benefit children throughout their education.

Teaching Compassion and Empathy

Teaching children between the ages of 3 and 6 about compassion and empathy can help them become more receptive to learning. The idea is to help students become competent in social and communication skills by using social-emotional learning. The best way to learn about compassion and empathy is by having children understand what it’s like to feel kindness and show kindness. Having pets in the classroom is one way to teach children about compassion and empathy because they learn about caring for the needs and feelings of other living things.

Enriching a child’s early years can have a positive influence on his or her life. Consider setting, curriculum and care as some of the ways to best impact early education.