How to Keep Your Family Healthy During Your Move

Moving into a new house right now is especially stressful because you have to work around COVID-19 precautions and shutdowns. While you juggle moving efficiently with keeping your family safe, don’t forget to complete these tasks before you leave your current house.

Investigate Your Water Source

Now more than ever, you need a reliable source of water in your house. While you can drink bottled water, you need running water to wash your hands, as alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not always kill serious viruses such as the norovirus. During your home inspection, make sure the inspector checks the water pipes for rust and lead. If you have a water well El Campo, have it tested for diseases before moving in.

Purchase Cleaning Supplies

Once you start transitioning between houses, you’ll have so many things to think about that you won’t want to go to the grocery store. However, you need to make sure you can safely touch every surface in your house, and if you’re hiring professional moving services, you need to disinfect everything after they finish. To prevent unplanned trips to the store, purchase plenty of cleaning supplies the week before your move. Include disinfectant wipes, hand soap, hand sanitizer, bleach, and paper towels.

Stock up on Groceries

Avoid purchasing groceries that require refrigeration the week of your move, unless your new house is only a few minutes away. Still, you want to have plenty of snacks and staples on hand to get you through this period. Canned foods, peanut butter, rice, potatoes, and apples are all easy to transport and make into quick, satisfying meals, so buy plenty of these during your last shopping trip before the move.

Navigating your mortgage contract, movers’ hours, and children’s needs in the midst of a pandemic is overwhelming. Simplify your life by taking care of these tasks before you move.