Mosquito borne diseases have been a bane and it constantly threatens our safety and that of the loved ones. Keeping yourself safe and especially your kids from the mosquitos is not quite an easy task and specially outdoors.

Generally, most of us would buy any mosquito repellent available in the market, but when it comes to young ones we give tonnes of thoughts before buying any repellent, such as will it be safe for the kids, does it have any side-effects on the baby’s skin or can it cause any respiratory inflammation/ growth problems.

There are many kinds of products available for the purpose including sprays, ointments, wristbands, patches, roll-ons etc. For this comparison purpose we have focused on patches as they seem to be on most demand as per our survey of many online portals including Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry, etc.
Patches have also seen many mushrooming brands in market considering its consumable nature and rather easy manufacturing. However, not all brands are made equal and there are only a handful of brands that we considered as actual players and have been considered in this comparison.

The brands included in this comparison are Good Knight (Godrej), Safe-O-Mos (Baby Safety Inc), Odomos (Dabur), Bodyguard, Surete, and Aringel (Sway Herbal)..

When it comes to comparing patches, we have considered below parameters as they seem to be of utmost importance when selecting the right and effective products for your kids.

1. Effectiveness of the Repellent: To test this we did a simple test where we stick these patches on tubelights in a open parking space. This clearly showed that how wide an areas each brand’s patch was able to effectively protect and how many mosquitoes it could repel and for how long. We found that Good Knight and Safe-o-Mos patches were best in repelling mosquitoes away and for a wider area and duration.

2. Longevity of the Patch: This parameters indicates how long a single patch lasts (irrespective of claims by the company). We tested (as stated in point 1 above) all brands and found that Safe-o-Mos and Good Knight offered the longest effective period. Both of them lasted for around 12 hours while others lasted for between 5-8 hours.

3. Ingredients: Most of the patches compared used all natural ingredients except Odomos that seem to use some chemical ingredients like DEET. Good Knight seem to have a great composition but unfortunately they add Eucalyptus oil in a range that seem to be problematic for kids as identified by research papers. Surete and Aringel are based purely on Citronella oil limiting its effectiveness. Safe-o-Mos seems to be a winner here with a well-balanced composition of 6 natural ingredients which all seem to be potentially safe for kids in the ranges used.

4. Water Proof: This indicates if patches retain their effectiveness in various conditions specially when wet (in rainy season). Most of the patches performed ok on this parameter except Odomos which lost its most effectiveness when came in contact with water.

5. Price of the patch: This also becomes an important parameter when buying patches as this will be a regular supply. Generally, the cost of patches ranged between INR 5 to INR 16.5 per patch. It also depends on pack size you are buying as costs are generally lower when buying more patches pack. For this comparison we have compared the smallest pack size offered by each company. We found that Good Knight offered the lowest price for a pack size of 14 patches at INR 5.72/ Patch followed by Safe-O-Mos at INR 6.4/ Patch for a pack of 30 Patches.

6. Adhesive: This parameter compares the adhesive used by each brand and how long it sticks to the clothes as well as whether it leaves any stains/ residual adhesive on clothes leading to stains. We found that adhesive used in Odomos is very weak while adhesives used in Surete and Good Knight are too strong and may leave residual adhesive when removed. Other brands including Safe-O-Mos, BodyGuard and Aringel seem to have done a good job with adhesive which lasts long and does not leave any stain.

7. Fragrance: Good Knight has a very heavy fragrance that smells good for some time but is uncomfortable on continued use. Other brands seem to have gotten the fragrance right which does not interfere much.

8. Packing Options: This becomes an important consideration as unused patches have to be stored properly as they start losing effectiveness as soon as they come in contact with air. Most brands including Good Knight and Aringel offers packing of 2 patches per leaf which is perfect as usually two patches are used at a time (one on upper body and other on lower body). Odomos and few other brands offer six patches per leaf but each leaf is a resealable airtight pack – so you can use the patches and remaining can be locked. Safe-O-Mos is the only one that has 6 patches leaf and the pack itself is not resealable – which is a disadvantage but they do supply an extra air tight pouch and offer a “Press and Activate” technology – which slightly takes away this disadvantage.

9. Designs and Colors: This one was the simplest and best designs and colors options are available with Good Knight and Safe-o-Mos. While Good Knight offered around 6 designs based on famous cartoon characters, Safe-Mos offered 16 different shapes, designs and color options (but not derived from famous characters). Rest all offered very plain and standard products. Odomos offers Chota Bheem designs but their print quality does not seem too attractive.

All the brands that have been mentioned above have their pros and cons. But it seems Safe-O-Mos and Good Knight have the highest ratings when it comes to effectiveness, duration, visual appearance/ designs and price.

However, as safety of ingredients used seems to be one of the utmost priority – Safe-O-Mos takes an edge as their composition is best of the lot.

Accordingly, as per above – Safe-O-Mos has gained the podium and is the clear winner in the category of Mosquito repellent Patches for “Kids” with its effective performance and safety at an affordable price. Good Knight is not far behind but considering their focus is on general mosquito repellents and not on kid’s specifically – it is understandable.

Disclaimer: Finally, you should try and test on your own – as experiences may differ and kids may have different preferences for various designs/ colors/ fragrances. It is to be noted – that prices and other things compared above may change anytime (and have been obtained from public sources like and it is picked up on date of writing this article around April/May 2018. Author accepts no liability for any information presented above.