6 Tried and Tested Tips on How to Get Your Baby to Sleep

The stars are out; the toys are back in their toy box, and it’s time to put your baby to sleep. However, getting your little one to sleep isn’t always as easy as a parent would wish!

You might think of looking for baby care tips from various sources will work; however, your best bet is to stick to evidence-based expert advice. Take a look at these 6 tried and tested tips on how to get your baby to sleep:

Getting Your Baby to Sleep: 6 Tried and Tested Tips

1. Zero Screen Time 1-2 Hours Before Bedtime

TV cartoons, DVD movies, or even the screen of Mum’s phone can stimulate a baby’s brain at the wrong time. If your baby is exposed to blue light too close to bedtime, he or she be more likely to wake up several times at night. Put the screens away early to put your baby to sleep more easily!

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2. Have a Bedtime Routine in Place

This goes hand-in-hand with establishing a consistent bedtime. A wind-down routine is an evidence-based step to help you put your baby to sleep without too much fuss from the little one. Soothing baths, bedtime story books, and lullabies can be handy bedtime cues for your child to follow. It can be easier for them to prepare to fall asleep naturally.

However, you’ll want to keep some wiggle room in that routine. If your baby is blinking off or zoning out before you’ve gone through the motions, it’s best to skip the remaining steps and get your little angel to sleep. Otherwise, you’ll have an overtired child who might not have a good night’s rest!

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3. Keep the Room at the Right Temperature

Much like an adult, your baby might struggle to go to sleep if it’s too warm. Time to turn on the fan or the air conditioner!

You can also dress your child in layers for bed, removing a layer if your little one become sweaty. Hello Night sleepwear is one great option, as its breathable Merino wool creates a microclimate to maintain your baby’s body warmth.

4. Turn Down the Lights and Pull the Curtains

Ideally, your baby’s bedroom should have heavy lined curtains and block out blinds to keep light out at bedtime. Plantation shutters just won’t cut it here − you need pitch black darkness to be able to put your baby to sleep.

You’ll also want to avoid using lamps or nightlights, even on their lowest setting. A faint light is all it takes to offset melatonin production in your little one, keeping your baby from falling asleep.

5. Clear the Crib

The nursery should feel like a place to sleep, not like a second playpen! As much as possible, remove toys and other distractions from the crib.

6. Know to Step In

It’s only natural for your little one to want you by his or her side, and it’s also normal to want to be there for your precious bundle of joy! If your baby cries in the middle of the night, don’t be afraid to give them a quick cuddle. Then gently place them in their crib again.

Are you trying to teach your baby to self-soothe? You can simply stay within sight of your little angel, then slowly step away. Of course, you may occasionally peek back inside to reassure your baby.

Otherwise, don’t disturb them unnecessarily. Resist the urge to shift the baby’s position during sleep. If you happen to touch your little one at the wrong stage of sleep, you might affect his or her overall sleep quality!

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