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Make Your Kids Learn More with the Baby Sensory Classes

The baby sensory classes originated a few years back. These are the classes where the babies are offered a program with a complete approach to learning and sensory development for around 13 months. There are many baby sensory activities that are designed in order to educate, stimulate and provide memorable memories to the parents during […]

Toys for Kids Girls: Bless the girl child

As many toy brands have achieved in the local and international market, there has also been an influx in the number of toys for children. These points of sale are mainly found in shopping malls and shopping centers and, in general, they have different brands of local and imported toys. Most people prefer to visit […]

Je gids om te trouwen in het buitenland

Je trouwfeest en de huwelijksreis kan je combineren door te trouwen in een ander land. Het ja-woord geven onder wuivende palmbomen op parelwitte stranden of op een romantisch plekje in de Provence, een huwelijk in het buitenland heeft net dat tikkeltje meer. Niet alleen de locatie speelt daarbij een rol, wel dat het koppel ervoor […]

A Working Parents’ Guide To Buy Things Online

Even though the beginning of a family can be an exciting time for everyone involved, it can also be an exhausting experience for many on a daily basis. Particularly, for the parents who do not have time to do added activities like shopping to find items for their family. In some cases, these parents rarely […]

Does Your Child Love Acting?

She was just four years old, and I was already faced with a dilemma. She wanted to act, to become a movie star. She would spend hours and hours acting in front of her audience of dolls. One day we went to a stage production of Annie, and she turned to me and said, “Mommy, […]

How to Hold a Party under a Tight Budget

A party can consume all annual savings if you don’t plan it properly. With the recent economic crisis, it is crucial to be wise about your money consumption. However, limiting the funds does not necessarily mean less fun. You can plan a party with limited funds and still have an epic time. How to plan […]

5 Best activities to boost your child’s mental development

Your growing child needs mental stimulation for proper brain growth. We list 5 things to do. A child’s growing fascination with the world stems from the fact that their brain and subconsciousness are growing with each passing day. A child’s brain development is at its peak from the ages of 2 years to 7 years. […]

Did you have a ‘happy accident’ you don’t know about?

Could your missed period be a sign of pregnancy? We give you a list of other early pregnancy signs. You’ve just referred to your period tracker app and realised that you are about a week late. Maybe you put this down to stress or increased working hours at the office. Maybe you need to check […]

5 Ways to Bond with Your New Baby

Bonding with your new little one is an important part of postpartum; it’s a special time of post-pregnancy, new-life, known as the fourth trimester. Encouraging bonding amongst new family members, new parents, and new baby is incredibly important. Sometimes, a feeling of not bonding with your new baby can cause postpartum depression or anxiety, and […]